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Bits of the history of St Stephen’s

The „Reichsurbar“ of Churrätien – written in 850 – already notes a church at Thueringen. Later Thueringen and Bludesch formed a „double parish“: the parson resided here and had to serve the whole area up into the "Große Walsertal".

Thueringen was the main locality of „Blumenegg, Free Dominion of the Realm “, which until 1806 was a member of the „Holy Roman Empire of German Nation“.
1614 the abbey of Weingarten acquired the “Dominion Blumenegg”: abbot Georg Wegelin from Bregenz bought it from the bankrupted counts of Sulz as an (allegedly save) asylum in those tumultuous times.
In 1802 Weingarten abbey with all its possessions was assigned to Prince William I. of Orange-Nassau, who in 1804 transferred all his Vorarlbergean possessions to Austria.

Parsons of the parish of St Stephen during the last century:
1899-1924 Friedrich Sausgruber from Feldkirch
1924-1929 Jakob Butzerin from Brand
1929-1934 Josef Beck from Triesenberg/FL
1934-1968 Franz Bertschler
1968-1971 Eugen Giselbrecht
1971-1975 Ferdinand Hiller
1975-1995 Valentin Thöny
1995-2003 Ndubisi Innocent Udeafor
2003-2008 Eugen Giselbrecht
Since 2008 Mihai Horvat

Since 2003 pastor Innocent Udeafor gone, had Thüringen no one pastor. The pastor of Ludesch was from there on also the pastor from Thüringen and Bludesch. As he lives in Ludesch and as there is thus no priest in situ, Deacon Manfred Sutter was instituted as “contact on location”.Since November 2010, pastor Stefan Amann provides priestly services in our parish. He lives in Schnifis.