Parish pastoral team (functional period 2017-2022)
Info: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
Follow the structure plan, 2025, "the diocese of Feldkirch, we have established in the fall of 2012, the pastoral team. This team is under construction and should be the key management and coordination body of the parish in the future.
Current belong to the pastoral staff:
Manfred Sutter (deacon and parish officer temporarily preaching), Wilfried Pfister (Representation of the PGR) and Sylvia Ulmer (parish representatives diakonia). Elisabeth Stastny (PGR chairman and parishioner proclamation).

Parish council (term of office 2017-2022)
Managing chairwoman: Stastny Elisabeth, Gurdinätsch 24
Our aim is a vivid parish. Thus we prioritize the identification of intentions, we care for there implementation and seek the cooperation with public institutions and associations, with all people in the parish region of Bludesch-Ludesch-Thüringen work together.

Parish consistory (term of office 2012-2017)
Deputy Chairman: Ulmer Werner, Gurdinätsch 15
We are responsible for the administration and organisation of our parish, for the erection and conservation of the buildings and for the management of our parish’s finances; thus we secure the surrounding conditions of our parish-life.
For us it is important that the human being takes the centre stage in our parish.

First communion team
Contact: Simone Handlos, Hiltistr. 23
Our challenge is the preparation and realisation of the first reception of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. As we do this outside schooling, it is very important for us that the parents are integrated in this work on their own authority.
We organize the joint afternoon-meetings which we also arrange and carry out; we accompany the parent-groups, manage the uniformed clothing, we prepare the church services and are contact point for relevant questions of all kind.

Confirmation team
Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
We prepare our 12-13 year-old candidates for confirmation for the reception of this sacrament. Our focuses are the two parent-evenings and the four afternoons on which the candidates meet, the Emmaus-walk on Easter Monday and finally the celebration of confirmation itself. Currently the confirmation takes place all 2 years (odd years).

Faith team
Contact: Maria Sutter, Saegawinkl 14
The faith formation for adults is very important to us. We organize retreats, Bible evenings, evenings faith and faith courses to strengthen faith and - well. Our offers are intended for the whole parish association, so our team members from the parishes Bludesch-Ludesch-Thüringen sets together.

Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Sägawinkl 14, tel. 05550/2308
In the youth-work-team the persons in charge for our youth-work meet for common planning and the exchange of their experiences – for the benefit of our youth-group-gatherings and the numerous activities during the whole year.

Contact: Fritz Winsauer, 6712 Thüringen, Oberlafun 23
We cantors (the term originates in latin „cantare“ = to sing) are precentors who lead respectively complete the chant of the congregation.

Catholic education
Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
Education Center Thuringia (KBW Thüringen) is to carry out and support information and further education events. Here there is a very wide range of topics and possibilities.

Catholic women’s movement
Chairwoman: Martha Winsauer, Oberlafun 23
We try to make aware of the discriminations of women – especially in the celebration of the Women’s World-Prayer-Day. Our foci are the co-design of the Family-Fast-Day on Ash Wednesday, the organisation of our annual parish-pilgrimage, to help at various occasions and to commemorate our deceased members at the Eucharist.

Children’s liturgy group 1
Contact: Conny Steiner, Siedlerweg 15
Our emphasis is the Children's celebrate to make.

Children’s liturgy group 2
Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Sägawinkl 14, tel. 05550/2308
It is our task to make four Advent Sundays as family worship. We choose every year a theme that runs through the whole Advent.

Group „feasts and celebrations“
Contact: Maria Schmid, Alte Landstraße 44
Our group consists in this form since 1995 and accomplishes the functions which previously have been recognized by the „Marriage and family“-group. We organise and make Agape meals, „soup-days“, the parish feast, the breakfasts after the morning-masses in Advent.

Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
We perform various functions in connection with the liturgy of our parish; our services range from the organisation of death watch and prayer services to the offices of lectors and special ministers of the Eucharist.

Parish-letter team
Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
Our parish-letter „Aus unserer Pfarrgemeinde“ („Out of our parish“) goes to every household of our village and is released nine times a year to inform about religious topics and about our parish-life. It’s our great concern to create an informative, comprehensive, multifaceted, formidable and beautiful parish-letter.

Social work group
Contact: Erika Walter, Walserweg 47, 6700 Bludenz
Our foci are: the weekly homework-assistance, the congratulations at “round“ birthdays, the masses for the sick with a get-together afterwards (which we organise one times a year) and much more.

Contact: Ulmer Sylvia, Gurdinätsch 15
We organise the annual carollers (every year in the days before Epiphanie, 6th of January): children and youths of our parish go from house to house to spread the message of the birth of Christ and to collect donations for development assistance projects.

Contact: Deacon Manfred Sutter, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
We wish to make the sense of baptism known to the parents and godparents and to prepare an individual celebration of this sacrament. Therefore we have a colloquy baptism (which itself usually takes place on every month’s first Sunday). Once a year, the day of guardian angel (10/2, 5 pm), we arrange a blessing of the children to which we invite our 0-5-year-olds personally.

Thuerger Choerle (“Little Choir of Thueringen”)
Contact: Emma Fischer, Dorfstraße 17
We participate in the creation of divine services with rather contemporary respectively modern music; thus we sing and make music for example at the confirmation-service or at family-masses. By doing this, it is very important to us to live our mutual friendship and to experience companionship.

Various ministries
Contact: Parish secretary Anna Rauch, Saegawinkl 14, tel 05550/2308
Our parish-life lives from the work of lots of people who are engaged in “silent ministries” in the background, e. g. those, who adorn our churches, those, who clean, those, who distribute our parish-letters and many more.